(2002-2005) SongStealer

T. Nathan Roane - SongStealerAfter playing in the neo-world folk band Tanakh, I began working under my own name, deciding it best to build a legacy with something I'd carry for a lifetime. In University, they taught to write a fugue, 12-tone, for string quartet, jazz ensemble, choir, etc - but never a song. For that, I now studied the works of songwriters like Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Loyko, The Beatles and an enormous amount of Neil Young, arranging in total some 120+ classics.
Fascinated by gypsy music, I wrote lines for violinist Erik Redford and we performed around Richmond. Before my move to Germany, we made the 2005 SongStealer album with engineering mentor Matt Wenninger at Romper Room Music in Mechanicsville, VA. Artwork by his mother Catherine Wenninger.
What a Difference a Day Makes - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, guitar / Erik Redford: violin, violas
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Dinah Washington
What a Diff'rence a Day Made was first recorded by The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (1934), later by Frank Sinatra, The Four Aces, Andy Russell (1944), Tony Bennett, and Esther Phillips (1975) - though it made me fall in love with Dinah Washington (1959). Nearly a year after my first recording this with violin and guitar, I went back and added two more lines of viola, performed here by Erik Redford
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, guitar, percussion, whistle / Amy Wenninger: backing vocals
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Otis Redding
Harmonizing with me is Amy Wenninger. Though she whistles much nicer than any I know, it felt somehow too pretty, feminine, and 'in tune' to close such a gritty song. The bass drums remind of boats knocking dock.
(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay was originally recorded by Otis Redding (1968).
Folsom Prison Blues - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, guitar
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Johnny Cash
To sing "I killed a man in Reno, just to watch him die" with any amount of sincerity is a challenge which should not go unappreciated. To provoke more feeling and energy, I invited pianist Amy Wenninger to watch in studio so as to record more a performance. She had over a drunk jazz-pianist friend who had been hitting on her and generally being a nuisance, and he insisted on sitting in as well. When he started bopping about, then actually getting up to dance - while I was recording - I burned with an anger authentic enough to help.
I'd recorded several earlier versions, all too fast, high and fake to share here. Folsom Prison Blues was originally written and recorded by Johnny Cash (1956).
The Man Who Sold the World - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, guitar, percussion / Erik Redford: violins, viola
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David Bowie, Nirvana
Written by David Bowie (1970), I'd not heard The Man Who Sold the World until covered by Nirvana (1993). Here with Erik Redford dueling himself on violins and viola, I've given it more gypsy flavor, especially at the closing. Still unsure of the meaning of Bowie's lyrics.