(1997-2000) Vehemence Realized

Vehemence Realized - SevereSummer of 1997, Michael Otley and I began collaborating on the darkwave project Vehemence Realized. Taking his Korg synth, bass guitar, and vocal style, for three years I thickened and varied his established sound with my own voice and acoustic instruments, notably trumpet with additional melodic interest.

Performing mostly east coast venues, spreading north, we enjoyed some renown within the insular gothic community, often (monthly) playing with harder-rocking Charlottesville neighbors Bella Morte.

Matt Wenninger, longtime bud and recording engineer, had set up a studio in our home which would become Romper Room Music. We were his first project, Vehemence Realized's album Severe, taking exactly 365 days to record and mix, released 1999 on Palace of Worms Records.

Afternoon - Michael Otley: synth, vocals, bass / T. Nathan Roane: vocals, flugelhorn, street sounds
lonely walk, beauty found within everyday
Microphones pointed out the front bedroom window recorded about an hour's street sounds before I mixed in the most curious of it. That's me singing harmony a fifth above, Michael tending to link his voice to his bass.
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Rooms - Michael Otley: synth, bass, lead vocals / T. Nathan Roane: flugelhorn, djembe, guitar
whole intimacy in new attraction
I had recently a djembe built for me, and was excited about this, my first recording of any handdrum. My guitar probably should have been mixed a little hotter, but this was mostly Michael's song and I can't recall ever adding guitar live.
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Severin - Michael Otley: synth, bass, lead vocals / T. Nathan Roane: trumpet, electric guitar, backup vocals
riding away from who matters, leaving without
My first attempt at distorted guitar, I wish I'd another take. Note my near-silent stereo whispering before the intro and emphasizing some points of verses. Severin was the name of our album cover cat, white fur with single dilated pupil.
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Prayer - T. Nathan Roane: lead vocals, trumpet, pump organ / Michael Otley: synth, bass, backing vocals
religious faith must be shed, but then?
Michael and I both still had misgivings about our religious upbringings, which maturity had revealed to be ultimately foolish and somewhat dangerous. Those we'd trusted wholly had enthusiastically promised beyond their knowledge, leaving frustration and confusion as to what now was to be believed, how to continue. More strongly felt in me, I took lead vocals (here double-tracked) and encouraged the canonic prayer speaking plus pump organ close.
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Old - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, trumpets / Michael Otley: synth, vocals, bass
finding independence everafter
Freshly religion-free, much seemed worthless. Also released as a single on iD Record's 1998 Of Passion and Remembrance compilation with earlier, more intense but less polished canonic trumpets. Note my lack of breathing within each long phrase, through spliced takes, pulling both lines emotionally until the end. Again, my vocal harmony parallels a fifth above.
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Beckon - T. Nathan Roane: trumpet, rain ambiance, synth, guitar / Michael Otley: vocals, synth, bass
uncertain if care is shared
My first attempt at programming the Korg synth, adding counter-melody to Michael's overall structure. The added rain brought extra schmaltz to the song.
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Hope - Michael Otley: synth, bass, lead vocals / T. Nathan Roane: trumpet, electric guitar, backup vocals
vulnerable, this vacuum must be filled
Live, I'd leave stage after a bit of guitarwork, playing the trumpet melody from behind the crowd, in a back corner facing the stage. This melodic trumpet recording came in one loosely improvised perfect take after a trip to Taco Bell. I think it was our prettiest song.
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Revere - T. Nathan Roane: clarinets, flugelhorn, trumpet / Michael Otley: synth
exploring our space alone
After submitting Severe to label, we were asked for one more track to complete it to ten (lengthy) songs. Michael had the synth programmed for Revere and I added a number of acoustic instruments and their reverbs to create this, my first atmospheric piece. Later, it never worked well live, but this recording was proudly featured in my 2001 VCU Composition Recital.
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Source - T. Nathan Roane: spoken vocals, trumpet / Michael Otley: synth, backing vocals, bass
exploring our space alone
Recorded live, nothing in studio could capture this passionate and disturbing gem. Loosely improvised on stage, this was a true story of my mother's demon possession, an integral part of my youth and family's history. Dad was in audience, addressed. Upon hearing it, mom forbid this recording to be released, claiming it was her story alone, though I disagreed.
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Vehemence Realized - The Power of a New AeonVehemence Realized represented the Temperance Tarot card for the 2000 Palace of Worms Records' darkwave double-cd compilation The Power of a New Aeon.

Temperance - T. Nathan Roane: vocals, alto saxophone, bass / Michael Otley: synth, vocals, guitar
herself held restrained
Michael and my last recording together, this both my bass guitar and saxophone premieres, having only some prior clarinet experience recording Revere.
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